friday used to be my favorite day...but since my class during saturdays starts at 7, fridays now didn't seemed to be my happiest, most awaited day of the week. so yeah, it is friday today and the paper will be due tuesday next week. i hope i'm on the right track! well, last night i've started using Neutrogena Therapy System and because i was so scared what might happen i just used a very little amount. i think it's a good product because i've read lots of positive reviews. so, later on, maybe around 9 i'll apply it again and hopefully i will get rid of all my pimples! it's been there for like 3 months or more, eh. so now, i will continue doing my paper... because i need to.


dear diary

good morning! err.. good afternoon!

i woke up at around 12PM to do the paper for school. i hope i'm doing the right thing! so i plan to go to the dentist today because i'm scared of my wisdom teeth; it really is bothering me. i have been enjoying experimenting stuffs in my multiply and editing pics in photofunia! it's realistic and nice. i'm currently listening to smash mouth's all star. i really miss 1999. that was my favorite year. so now i need to eat my brunch 'cause i'm very, very hungry. i hope i will be happy this week. more and more surprises. waiting for guitar hero...haha!



so you now probably know what's on my mind.

i did not attend school today because we don't really have regular classes. we were just supposed to play games, do crazy stuffs, and watch our college night. even though i'd like to see someone, i chose not to go to school. and here are the reasons:
1. paper due on Tues! (but i hope it will be on the 30th) and i'm still not doing. it's pretty boring, eh.
2. don't like to wake up early
3. want to surf the net all-day long
so, this month i am really, yes REALLY, addicted to Guitar Hero. my birthday's coming and that's what i want to have as my present -- Guitar Hero: World Tour.

it has amazing graphics! i am so looking forward to it. it has drums and vocals just like Rock Band! plus, the guitar thing has a new feature and i can't wait to see and play it! lots and lots of new things! the new ipods are out, and i love the touch! it has built-in speakers now and volume button on the side! also, i want tap tap revolution! but still, GH is still the best. i installed GHIII on my phone and i've noticed that my keypad, the button, is a little bit damaged. i really enjoyed playing it that i've pressed the button so hard! but it wasn't all me, my blockmates borrow my phone everyday. haha! we all love GH! i always watch videos in youtube. there's guy playing "All the Small Things" & "Move Along" in Rock Band. and i'm like...i wish i can play those too. seems hard but fun! here's a screenshot (not me playing)
i use Sony Ericsson K800i and it's not a wide screen.
this is so damn addictive!

as i have said i'm techie...i really love gadgets. ;)

haha! just want to personality test. i'm a music junkie!

yesterday's gone

so i didn't have the chance to watch Avril's concert last night because nobody wants to go with me. I really can feel that i'm damn lonely. wish I have someone who can spend time with me...friends, where the hell are all of you? have you forgotten me, that i still exist? this is one of the reason why i want to live in other place, because i feel terrible here. as in my social life is like only 10% of my being. ahhhhhh! i missed it, but i can't do anything, can't blame anyone but myself. OKAY have a good life, myself! please........iwanttobehappy!!!