yeah! two posts in a day. actually, i'm getting better. we're good again (me and dad). haha :D


what do i want this SUMMER?
what's making me DROOL?

top 3

three---Coach Bag (yes i already got this!)
two---Trip to Europe, particularly in UK, Ireland, France, Italy, and Spain (hahaha still hoping...) or atleast trip to Shanghai and Xiamen, China again. have i mention? i'm still obsessed in America :))
one---iMac or Macbook, but i heard Macbook will have major updates soon. iMacs are so sexy!

obviously, i'm a sucker of macs these days! LOVE IT!


i saw this and wanted to share ^

i feel so bad right now. i feel alone and terrible. my dad and i had a fight awhile ago. i really hate my uncle. can he just........duh! i'm very pissed. my dad's been acting weird this past few days. i saw something from his wallet last time. i know what's going on, but not really everything. but i have an idea.. i don't know why this is happening. i hope he'll get back to his witty and charming character. i am supposed to go out with my friends this coming friday but i had a change of heart. besides, i won't be able to go shopping today because my dad and i are having a misunderstanding. i saw my friends awhile ago walking together, i wonder why they did not bother to invite me. but it's okay. life is always full of surprises.

just unjust

i'm happy now. i went out with my friends last friday. it was really fun! i hope my college social life will get better soon! there's a possibility that our room will be shuffled with another rooms. if that ever happens, i really hope my blockmates will be my "type". i hope we can get together, just like my high school friends.

yesterday while browsing friendster, i learned that my former classmate on 5th grade immigrated in Toronto, ON. i was again jealous. damn it! why don't i have that chance???

maybe next time, i REALLY wish.

only a week left before my mom and sis will be back from the United States.

i gotta wake up early tomorrow so my dad will forgive me. he's been so patient with me and now i'm screwed. my bad habit is getting worst. this vacation, i slept at 3 am then woke up at around 11 am > with my dad bugging me <. i need to change NOW. tomorrow, i plan to fetch my dogs to send them to their doctor to have their vaccine and stuff. after that, or before that, go to my dentist to have my braces checked. i really want this to be removed! it's been soooooo long!


i had a terrible dream this morning. it was about something very personal. i have no idea why that kind of dream flashed on my mind. damn! it's unpleasant and very unrealistic. during my dream, i really thought it was true. sigh. i wish i will never have a dream as rowdy as that.

after my laptop was reformatted, it cannot download files via bitcomet anymore. it shows that something is blocking it, but i can't figure out what the heck is that. now, my laptop is okay with the connection with limewire unlike before. hahaha. they interchanged.

i'm still undecided if i'll go on Friday to meet my HS friends. i'd really love to, but there's something that is stopping me. also, it will start at 6 or 7PM. And only my dad can fetch me, so it'll be hard for him. God, please just show me a sign if i should or should not go.

contented, at least for now.

spotted @ midtown mall around 7PM.

i was always hanging out at RP few years ago. but lately, i just went to the malls near my house so i could get home without facing traffic, in short, to arrive home immediately. so today, we decided to go to RP to see the Macbook Air and the new Midtown Mall. Midtown is really nice. Many restaurants and shops. Since it's still new, it's tidy and organize. so after eating our dinner at Secret Recipe (I saw SR in Malaysia and i really like their Pumpkin Soup and I was surprised when I saw their branch here in Manila), we headed to Digital Hub to see the sexy Macbook Air. Voila! it was so cool. i tested it and i really love the multi-touch trackpad. it's awesome. it's thin but not light. actually, it's kinda heavy for me--3lbs. the screen is way better than those on Macbooks and Macbook Pros because it's brighter and sharper, thanks to the glossy screen. i really want to have one but still hesitating because of the lack of optical drive and only one usb port. damn, i'm so happy because I finally saw Macbook Air in actual. kinda shallow, huh? it's really eye catching. on top is a live pic...but taken at macworld. LOL :D


went to megamall today with my papa. got home at around 10:30PM. i opened my multiply (site) and saw my friend's pic that is really disgusting! well, it's not him, but it's so yuck! anyway, my hs friends are inviting me this coming friday for, i think, our reunion. i don't know if i'm gonna go, i mean i'd like to, but i have so many things to hide, my flaws. most of the time i just want to stay at home because i'm so embarrass about it. i hope on friday or soon it will miraculously disappear forever! fingers crossed. haha. anyway, i'm feeling okay now. just disgusted in what i just saw. damnit i should've not open that! bullsht! so grosssss! i'll be sleeping earliER these days so my pimple will vanish, hopefully. :) plus, i need to stay...dry. haha. good nite!

what's down?

i know nobody's perfect, but sometimes i think i'm too imperfect. i've got lots of things to hide because i'm embarrass. sometimes i can't join other people because i'm too scared it'll show again and maybe people behind my back will talk about it. all i ever wanted was to be happy, to join the crowd, and be myself all the time. there are some things about me that nobody knows. when they look at me most of them think that i'm happy, contented, and so on. but the truth of the matter is, i'm not. i spend most of my time in front of my computer or just alone. i can really relate myself to this song line "when i'm alone i feel so much better.." but sometimes, i just can't hide it. i really don't know what to do...

in a blink of an eye, anything unexpected could happen


today was an extraordinary day! i woke up around 9:30 am. i bathe for more than 30 minutes, ate my breakfast (noodles!) for 15 minutes, then went straight to Tagaytay. while on my way, i received a text message saying ___ had an accident and is now on the hospital. i got scared and felt very uneasy. so after T, i visited _ on the H. _'s now okay...but not so good. i hope _ gets better soon! God, please help _ to recover quickly.

and now, i'm in front of my laptop searching for Macbook Air again! i realized now i'm kinda obsessed with this Macbook Air thing. why am i searching for it every minute i could? i'm so addicted to it! i like it but i do not like to purchase it. kinda weird, because i don't think it's that practical. but the looks are so hot, simply irresistible! oh gosh i really need to join the lotto thing i might win big! and i'm gonna satisfy myself by buying an Air! woooooosh. i'm dreaming out loud.

i hope things will fall into places. i still miss someone, someone i don't really know. from the first time i saw him, i knew it, he's the one i've been longing for. i really hope this ain't one sided.

i just love summer vacation! no school! no more getting up early! oh yeah!!!

nothing special

lalely, my thoughts are always about someone. phew.
i really hope someone is feeling the same way.

anyway, i found out that Macbooks will have a major update later this year (Q3 i think). i'm waiting for it to come out. i really love Macbooks! especially the Air but it's not that flexible. the looks, perfect. the attitude, not that good because it comes with a heavy price. i'm lovin' apple's products. they have improved a lot!

while malling yesterday, i saw this shop Tango selling beautiful dresses. i'm gonna visit it soon when my sibling comes back.

i want a Macbook Air. _my purrfect gift_

oops, i also want this coach bag (picture on top)

so just a brief post, til here.


hot summer

i want to post some of the screencaps i got.

woah! what's that?? okay so here's my story today..

This summer vacation, i went to two countries in Southeast Asia. After a week, my mom and sis flew to the United States. Lately, I've been jaded so i looked for something i could do. Thank goodness my grades are okay.
I've been watching Smallville (again and again) this past few days and I'm addicted to it (again). After seeing Chloe using her computer and finding everything she wants, i really got intrigued. So I searched for Chloe's computer's operating system. Luckily, i found a site by WB who has a clone with Chloe's computer. I'm so happy I discovered it! It's like Smallville is a reality...yeah I'm getting dizzy. And just now, i found out that there's also a version for LuthorCorp. but i could not find the current password. Good thing there's a site that has screencaps of everything of LuthorCorp.'s site. It's so weird, everytime I'm doing something, I think of meteor rocks and stuffs. Smallville has gotten into my nerves! Anyhow, it's near 4am now and I'm still awake because of Smallville. Weird thing, the telephone just rang. GOSH! good nite:)