just unjust

i'm happy now. i went out with my friends last friday. it was really fun! i hope my college social life will get better soon! there's a possibility that our room will be shuffled with another rooms. if that ever happens, i really hope my blockmates will be my "type". i hope we can get together, just like my high school friends.

yesterday while browsing friendster, i learned that my former classmate on 5th grade immigrated in Toronto, ON. i was again jealous. damn it! why don't i have that chance???

maybe next time, i REALLY wish.

only a week left before my mom and sis will be back from the United States.

i gotta wake up early tomorrow so my dad will forgive me. he's been so patient with me and now i'm screwed. my bad habit is getting worst. this vacation, i slept at 3 am then woke up at around 11 am > with my dad bugging me <. i need to change NOW. tomorrow, i plan to fetch my dogs to send them to their doctor to have their vaccine and stuff. after that, or before that, go to my dentist to have my braces checked. i really want this to be removed! it's been soooooo long!