ano ba yan umiiyak nanaman ako. sino pa ba ang mas malungkot sa akin? durog na naman. ayoko na mag mahal ng kaibigan. lagi na lang ako mangungulila.

buti pa ang material things, hindi ako sinasaktan ng ganito.

asa ako!

bukas na last day. bukas na paskuhan. hindi ba dapat masaya na ako? pero hindi. nalulungkot ako.. akala ko kasi nakita ko na yung kaibigan na matagal ko ng hinahanap. ngayon, mawawala nanaman sakin. gusto ko na talagang umiyak...ang sama sama na naman ng loob ko. yung gusto ko mag greet sa birthday ko, wala. ano ba naman 'tong buhay na 'to. ako ba talaga ang may mali? bakit lagi na lang hindi ako sinasama? grabe, akala ko natakasan ko na, pero bumabalik pa rin sa akin. ano na ba ang dapat kong gawin? talaga bang destined ako maging loner??? punyetang.......! lagi ko na lang ito nararamdaman. ayoko na talaga. utang na loob!!! gusto ko ng lumayas sa mundo. may pera, may computer, may pagkain, may pamilya, pero walang kaibigan. oo, napakalaking ipekto talaga, nakakasira ng ulo. may makakatulong pa ba sa akin? may pag-asa pa ba ako?

$ not equal to :)

i realized that money ALONE can't bring you happiness. what if you're so rich, you could buy all things, but have no one to talk to? Would you be happy? Would you be contented? Would you feel good eating those expensive dishes all on your own? Who would you talk to when you feel like the world is crushing down?

i thought that i can still be happy even if i don't have lots of friends as long as i have something to spend, something that can catch my attention. i am happy now, but there's a part of me that keeps on saying that, i need someone, someone i know i can be myself, someone who would not let me down. sometimes, money overcomes our relationship with other people. honestly, i tend to be friends with people who are not very, very cheap. you can't blame me, i hate to hear those, "treat me" stuffs, and i hate being called rich kid, 'cause i'm not, i'm just average. but the weird thing is, those kind of people are the ones i always end up being friends with. maybe this is just a test, maybe the world wants me to realized something. i know for a fact that you can't judge a book by its cover, but it's hard to close my eyes from reality. now, i have become open-minded, because people like me will just leave me. they have money, they have many things to do, and they can easily forget me. so now, i'm really trying hard to change my perspective about this.

i met someone, i thought we could be BFFs 'cause she's part Chinese. but now i realized, even though she likes to be with me, and i feel the same way, it will never be the way that i wanted. we both like to keep each other. But the more we try, the more we push each other away. she treats me, so i should not despise her. but i don't know, i still feel awkward. we're not talking right now, and i really miss her. i want to be with her, but something keeps on separating us. aaaaah... my story is so nonsense.

to cut it short, i just realized that money isn't everything. and i really miss someone.


less than a month left... my birthday is fast approaching. i'm certain on what i want to have on my 19th birthday. it's not Guitar Hero, not Rock Band, not iPod, not iPhone, but Macbook! i finally decided. i know that games are fun, but i think computer or laptop will give me the longest satisfaction. second choice will be trip to USA. and my wish, to have more true friends in college. if someone can send me to US to continue my study, then i'd be really happy. i'm daydreaming again. hahaha.

i was a bit depressed a while ago, 'cause i got jealous, thinking that someone might take her away from me. it's not yet clear, but i think she will still choose me.

love lots,


TODAY WAS a normal day. oops, not so normal.

my most embarrassing moment happened today. it was when i was peeing inside a cubicle with my feet on the bowl (squat) when someone opened the door. NO!! but yes. she did so my BUTT =( i hope that's the only thing she saw. it's what i call DAYmare! it's so embarrassing, until now i can remember every detail but i didn't saw her face. HOO.. i hope that would not happen again.

i feel abused...... i don't know why.

so that's all i wanted to say.


o give me peace, please

this is how i EXACTLY feel

I can't explain it.

I don't like to be left alone, I don't like to reflect upon the incidents of life that suggest sadness. I don't know why things affect me to the point where I don't even recognize how much they affect me until it's become clear that I am not as happy as I used to be. I used to enjoy the time I got to myself, to just chill and relax but now, being left alone is like a dagger that slowly works it's way to my heart and I seek constant company. Sometimes I feel like i just want to be sad, by myself, so I can get over being sad, as if there's a required amount of sadness that I must fulfill in order to move on. Move on from what? There's nothing really significant to be sad about, and on a normal basis I am genuinely happy. It's just the times I am left to myself, or the times where no one is speaking to me, where I have time to reflect that recently seems to make me distressed. Maybe I'm contemplating what went wrong, why it went wrong, and what happened? I don't know. That's why you'll constantly see me singing to myself. Singing is therapeutic. Singing keeps me from thinking about any problems in life and brings me to a sense of happiness because when I'm singing I don't have time to be thinking about the sad things, I'm just stuck in a world of happiness, even if it's an emo song.

i am so mad again.................... we're not speaking................... and she did nothing good to me................. please forgive me................. but i can no longer control my temper.................. i am such a dork

Dear You

i really want to be with you, but i'm worried. i just want things to be normal. you're someone i treasure and it's a disgrace i can't show you how i really feel. you did your part, and i did nothing but to broke our hearts. i know we're both hurt. i'm just pretending i'm not affected, but the truth is, i'm just fighting my tears. i love you as a friend, i trust you, and i don't like to lose you. it seems like i'm pushing you away. i don't know why i can't express how i really feel. i've never met anyone like you, that cares for me so much...i know you will protect me as long as you can. i may never do the same thing for you but i will try my best to be a best friend to you too. sorry for all things i've done. i really, really want us to be okay... but something's bothering me. i'm so sorry, i'm not brave enough. my heart feels like falling right now........ i love you friend. i hope we will be okay.

i wanted to be alone, and now i want us to be together.

Mr. Oh-bah-mah!!!!!!!

hello November!

tomorrow is the day i have been WAITING for. REALLY. i am so looking forward to it!

hahaha. i know, i can't escape from it. so i will just take a deep BREATH. haaaah.

one month then it'll be December. yay! Christmas is coming! and my birthday as well. i will be 19...

am i still young? YES, absolutely. i'm a kid at heart!!!

i am silly......... i am nobody......... i just want my "life in school" to fast-forward.

i hope i could have this on my day..............

that would really make my DAY!

but is that even possible? well, who knows, right? FINGERS CROSSED!

so i really want to go to US next year. my visa will be expired on MARCH 2010 so i really NEED to go next summer... i hope my next visa will be 10 YEARS! oh pleeezzzzz!

i am a big fan of Apple nowadays. i want to have Macbook and iPhone... if not iPhone then, iPod touch will also be appreciated.

i am planning to get the new Nintendo DSi which will be released early next year (i think). i am so excited for 2009! McCain or Obama? Haha. i can see those names everywhere (on the net)! honestly, i wanted Clinton.

also, i still want Guitar Hero: World Tour................... i have tons and tons and tons of............wish.

so, how did i celebrate Halloween?

i just stayed at home surfing the net, eat, and did some grocery. HOW COOL IS THAT?

that's why i want to...........live SOMEWHERE. but nobody agrees. no_BODY!

i hope i will have a GREAT time tomorrow. think POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! +++++++++++

so what do i do when i have nothing to do? play Deal or No Deal on my phone!!! i've won 250,000 Pounds a lot of times already. unfortunately, it's for the eyes only.

other games i'm addicted to: Pyramid Bloxx, Tower Bloxx, City Bloxx (BLOXX!!), Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy (too bad i'm stuck), Sonic Jump and Guitar Hero III. all on my phone.

'til next time.


i will forever live in my dreams...

i'm again jealous of other people.

i'm trapped!!!!!!!!!

happy halloween.


i am still wondering.

so fast..............................school is near.................................hope i will meet GOOD people.

no one understands how i feel.

i want to spend my life the way i want it to be.

time is running, and i can't cope with it.

dreaming out loud, baby!

but i'm not the only one not contented, even these happy-ever-after disney characters are not.



Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

two words. LOVE IT! it is truly lasting. it doesn't smudge that much...only a little. i bought it for like $7 (not sure, i forgot!). compared to my previous eyeliner, which was Maybelline Pencil Eyeliner, i would say this is much better! i did not felt any irritations at all. i wore it for like 12 hours and it was still okay. i highly recommend this product. it is very easy to use. it also comes with a sharpener! cute :)

for more info about this product


for my Asus EEE PC (8 months old)

there is something wrong with the left click of my eee pc... i need to press very hard...PUSH! yes. it's awkward and annoying. now, i am having problems with it.

we spend our days in our house in Tagaytay again and now we're back here and we can feel the "hotness". i want to live in a place cooler, safer, richer, better than where i am right now. PUHLeez..

we ate the following on our dinner:
1. steamed fish fillet
2. suahe (steamed shrimp)
3. garlic spinach
4. beef brisket
5. fish lip soup
yeaaaah chinese food is good! :) few more happy days left...i am so not ready going back to school. just thinking of it makes me wanna cry... but...nothing. i can't control the precious time. my mom and sis will be going to Cebu tomorrow. please guide us all. when the holiday's over...no i don't want to think about it.

i watched HSM3 and i rate it 8/10. i feel that Ashley's role was not enough. i expected more of her on the last movie, eh. anyway, it's a good film. i love the song "can i have this dance" and "right here, right now".

so yeah, good night everyone...

so what?!

bring me to Toronto and i will be happy; i shall not want anything more.

if only.

Oct. 21st, Yannie (my mini dachshund) gave birth to 4 puppies. unfortunately, the 2 did not live (1 of them was a very beautiful girl). but i still feel blessed because Yannie is safe and the 2 boys are in good condition.

tomorrow is our enrollment... school is fast approaching:[ i will just leave everything to God. please guide us, to choose the right thing. please guide me in everything... I'm very anxious.

2 and a half years more of hardwork and i will finally be FREE! aim for the best... i should get an average of atlease 1.4 next semester to become a dean's lister! my average on the first is 2.0 (including PE & NSTP), without it, it is 2.06+. i really want to make everyone proud. i will do this. i can do this!

so my family and i spend 2 nights in our house in Tagaytay. we ate at Josephine; i really love their Kilawin na Tangigue to the max! But Sangkalan's is very good too.

this break i think i gain weight :[ i'm so chubby but i love eating, what can i do?

EXERCISE, yes it is! starting tomorrow ima jog with my dog, Panky.

i'm currently downloading Gossip Girl and it's taking so long because of some reasons. i can't wait to watch it. LOL.

so last Oct. 15-18, dad and i went to HK to do some shopping and lots of eating! it was very very tiring. it was fun and i saw the Asus S101 in actual too. i must say i still prefer Acer's Aspire One because of its crystal clear LCD. bought some clothes from Bossini and ate lots of fish shao mai at 7/11! it was GOOD..... 'm gonna miss it!

so that's all i wanted to say for now.
pray for me and everybody.


at loooooong last!

it's finally over. it's officially our break.

so now i can do the things i want carefree!

so while surfing the net yesterday, this new Asus ultra-slim S101 eee pc laptop caught my attention. it looks good! not as good-looking as Air, but it's cute too. it also has multi-recognition/touch trackpad! it has 10.2" screen. the price for 16GB Windows and 32GB Linux will be $699, then 64GB linux is $799. also has 30GB online storage.

it looks so sweet but a little costly.


i hate to admit it, but i miss someone. i hated her for what she said, but now, suddenly it's all gone. i'm lost because i don't know how can i talk to her just like before. she approached me several times and i turned my back. i was so angry because she did said something that really hurt my feelings. so this is our part 2. but can you blame me? she was jealous and selfish.

bright side..
awhile ago at 7/11, i saw the new T3 mag. it's awesome! it featured rock band and guitar hero! yes, the 2 best material things in the world at this moment. i will grab a copy tomorrow!! on monday, our finals will be accounting and math. what a perfecct combination!! [sarcastic.] so, i really need to focus, study, and do my best...BEST! one more week of hardwork, then sembreak!!! so better do my best to achieve great results.

so that's it for now.



okay i am so frustrated! i hate my rc prof so much! she's a pain in the ass! damnit! because of her, i now hate our national hero. and he doesn't deserve to be called "national hero" after all he did was just writing shit. he did nothing tangible to fight for our country and he doesn't want our country to have independence.

okay so much for that. today was supposed to be a free day because it is a holiday but because of the fatasscurlyhairstupidwoman, my day was just gone. i really hate her. her subject's not important but she is giving us so much headache.

i just want to let out my feelings! i'm so hot-headed right now! i just want her to be gone!!!!!!!!!


friday used to be my favorite day...but since my class during saturdays starts at 7, fridays now didn't seemed to be my happiest, most awaited day of the week. so yeah, it is friday today and the paper will be due tuesday next week. i hope i'm on the right track! well, last night i've started using Neutrogena Therapy System and because i was so scared what might happen i just used a very little amount. i think it's a good product because i've read lots of positive reviews. so, later on, maybe around 9 i'll apply it again and hopefully i will get rid of all my pimples! it's been there for like 3 months or more, eh. so now, i will continue doing my paper... because i need to.


dear diary

good morning! err.. good afternoon!

i woke up at around 12PM to do the paper for school. i hope i'm doing the right thing! so i plan to go to the dentist today because i'm scared of my wisdom teeth; it really is bothering me. i have been enjoying experimenting stuffs in my multiply and editing pics in photofunia! it's realistic and nice. i'm currently listening to smash mouth's all star. i really miss 1999. that was my favorite year. so now i need to eat my brunch 'cause i'm very, very hungry. i hope i will be happy this week. more and more surprises. waiting for guitar hero...haha!



so you now probably know what's on my mind.

i did not attend school today because we don't really have regular classes. we were just supposed to play games, do crazy stuffs, and watch our college night. even though i'd like to see someone, i chose not to go to school. and here are the reasons:
1. paper due on Tues! (but i hope it will be on the 30th) and i'm still not doing. it's pretty boring, eh.
2. don't like to wake up early
3. want to surf the net all-day long
so, this month i am really, yes REALLY, addicted to Guitar Hero. my birthday's coming and that's what i want to have as my present -- Guitar Hero: World Tour.

it has amazing graphics! i am so looking forward to it. it has drums and vocals just like Rock Band! plus, the guitar thing has a new feature and i can't wait to see and play it! lots and lots of new things! the new ipods are out, and i love the touch! it has built-in speakers now and volume button on the side! also, i want tap tap revolution! but still, GH is still the best. i installed GHIII on my phone and i've noticed that my keypad, the button, is a little bit damaged. i really enjoyed playing it that i've pressed the button so hard! but it wasn't all me, my blockmates borrow my phone everyday. haha! we all love GH! i always watch videos in youtube. there's guy playing "All the Small Things" & "Move Along" in Rock Band. and i'm like...i wish i can play those too. seems hard but fun! here's a screenshot (not me playing)
i use Sony Ericsson K800i and it's not a wide screen.
this is so damn addictive!

as i have said i'm techie...i really love gadgets. ;)

haha! just want to share...my personality test. i'm a music junkie!

yesterday's gone

so i didn't have the chance to watch Avril's concert last night because nobody wants to go with me. I really can feel that i'm damn lonely. wish I have someone who can spend time with me...friends, where the hell are all of you? have you forgotten me, that i still exist? this is one of the reason why i want to live in other place, because i feel terrible here. as in my social life is like only 10% of my being. ahhhhhh! i missed it, but i can't do anything, can't blame anyone but myself. OKAY have a good life, myself! please........iwanttobehappy!!!

held a girl

11am: ON-TIME. no prof. what the??? i was not in the mood to talk, still irritated of what happened last night. friend talked to me about her saying she is a...lesbian.

11:30am: ate at Jolibee, we finished at around 12:30pm and went back to the class.room wasn't feeling well. my tummy hurts! wants to go home and go to my CR. chatted with fellas. she sat next to me. talking, holding my hand, and pulling my chair closer to her. still feeling kinda irritated and WEIRD.

1pm: my 1st class of the day. so we went to our proper sit and then the prof checked the attendance. i wanted to pee, when suddenly my phone kept on ringing. i knew it. she was the one so did not bother to look at my phone.

2pm: reporting. when it was my part, i felt someone was taking photo of me. i hated it because i knew she was one of the suspects.

4:30pm: texted her. explained why i felt irritated.

5:20pm: told her i want us to be okay again.

just now: she is answering fine. i think and hope we'll be okay again, as friends!

what happened?

I am not

I am

I can't sleep.
Thinking why this happened to me.
I can't close my eyes.
My mind just keeps on working.

PLEASE, all i'm asking for is HAPPINESS. that's it.
seems like the more i ask for it, the more it goes away.

when will the day come?

2 more years...and then i will no longer see them. I won't be hurt anymore.

not anymore

and here i am blogging instead of sleeping because most probably (i hope not!) there'll be classes tomorrow. why is it not raining anymore? sometimes it's there but most of the time it's missing. i was visiting the site or blog of other people who are living in the States and i feel so envious. i think that even though i leave my motherland, i won't be leaving anything behind. if i go with my family, then i'm almost complete. i feel like i have no true friends here, like if i leave now no one would care or worst no one would notice. the people i treasured most are not keeping in touch with me. i'm double D--depress and desperate! i want to go somewhere where no one knows me, where i can start a new life, and hopefully meet the people i've been waiting my whole life. i just want to have lots of true friends, that will brighten up my day, make me smile, and spend time with me. i'm 18, i feel old, yet i haven't found 'em. my only hope is to go somewhere...cause i don't think i'll find them here. so here, even though i have nothing to do, i still chose not to sleep because my heart's not happy. but i can't do anything, i'm stuck. if only they understand how i am feeling. i hope one day my wish will come true, i'll be waiting, and i hope it'll not be too late when it comes. can someone please, love me for me?

i want us together, even just in a photograph.


rain saved me

i really want to stay at home. to play with my dog, surf the net, and do my thing. fortunately , there was no classes today! so now, i'm feeling.. err... lost, i don't know what's the exact word but i don't feel contented. i knew this was coming and i thought i would not be affected, and how come i'm not feeling well? is this jealousy or what? anyway, there'll be another buyer who will send her payment tomorrow or on friday (when classes are going to be suspended tomorrow). a while ago, i put on make-up on my face because it makes me feel better when i'm down. haha. i can't find the connection though. maybe there's something between beauty and happiness! yeah right, whatever.

i want to lose weight but i'm always hungry. is there a problem with my stomach, my appetite, my s-h-t? haha kidding. i'm craving for yummy isn't it? hahahaha! but i gotta lose weight. i feel so fat right now. i used to wear medium shirts but now...large or extra large! yes, i gotta lose weight! hmph.


happy ending


today was the last day of our preliminary exam. it feels SO great to have a rest after a long, tiring week! hopefully, i will pass all my test. i feel better now because i met someone who's been good and true to me. But i'm still waiting for the best to come. i'm so happy 'cause i got the chance to watched Simple Plan live last August 4. i pity them because they're good but only few watched their concert. i'm still craving for Mac, yep, nothing has changed in that matter. i saw HSM3 poster and i must say, Vanessa Hudgens look a LOT better. I did not find her pretty before but now, i am speechless. It's a very good transformation. Her scandal made her more famous, which gave her more money, and now look what happened to her face. Haha. Anyways, i'm ending this by saying, i wish my wish would still come true, it's okay if it's not today, but please, someday.


it'll all get bettR in time..

this summer vacation i went to Singapore, Malaysia, HK, Macau, China, and locally, Tagaytay. it's been fun because i did what i wanted. the day before yesterday was my enrollment and i didn't feel really good about it. school's coming and i really wish that I WILL BE HAPPY, i know i will when the time comes. i'm listening to Leona Lewis' music nowadays and it's really great! i love her songs. she's a very good singer. i hope i could grab a copy of her album before school starts. this is my list. CD 1. Leona Lewis 2. Mariah Carey DVD 1. Hannah Montana 2. What I Like About You.

i've been kinda busy lately because i just came home from Macau on May 27. after two days was my enrollment. oh btw, school starts on June 10.

still longing for my paradise...

next time again!


rainy days...

it's been awhile since my last post. i've been "kinda" busy these days. yesterday me & my family went to Tagaytay to check our new house. it's nice and spacious. i'm very excited to have a vacation there with my loved ones (including my dogs!) yihee. so today i visited philmug's site and saw that someone (store owner, probably) is selling their older imacs but still brand new. the base model is now only for P50K--really tempting. but i need to know first how much are the new imacs now. if the difference is around P15k+ i think the older imac is more worth it because the only difference is the processor. older one has 2.0GHz while the new has 2.4GHz. does it have a big difference? is it really faster? i hope someone could answer that for me. i wish to know more about computers because i'm so into it. haha. i'm very confuse because i don't like to buy an old model but the price is very enticing. anyway, my relationship with my mom is getting better. we don't fight anymore or have arguments like before. i hope our relationship will always be like this or even better. my friend invited me again to hang out with them but not sure if i'm gonna join, probably not. i have a secret...i can't show anyone. haha. oh no, school is coming. i hate it. i will be busy everyday. finale of gossip girl will be next week and i'm so excited what will happen. i'm currently downloading the season finale of smallville. haha. tee hee. i'm in a good mood right now.


will i go?

should i go?

can i go?

those are the questions that is popping into my mind as of the momment.

5:30PM meet at my friend's house to go to my another friend's house to swim

i really don't know if i can make it.

i asked myself, "do i really want to go?"

there is a part of me that says YES confidently because they're my friends and i want to spend some time with them. on the other side of my brain says NO because it will be hard for my dad to send and pick me up. i really want all of us to be happy. and i just don't know what to do.

if i miss this chance, i don't know if i can go out with them again. as i've said, my blockmates weren't as good as my classmates back in high school. i don't like to be a loner. i want to have some fun with my friends now that i have them.

i'm really confused. it's like everything is on wrong timing. anyway, i know God will make a way. He surely knows best.

only time can tell what will happen later on.


yeah! two posts in a day. actually, i'm getting better. we're good again (me and dad). haha :D


what do i want this SUMMER?
what's making me DROOL?

top 3

three---Coach Bag (yes i already got this!)
two---Trip to Europe, particularly in UK, Ireland, France, Italy, and Spain (hahaha still hoping...) or atleast trip to Shanghai and Xiamen, China again. have i mention? i'm still obsessed in America :))
one---iMac or Macbook, but i heard Macbook will have major updates soon. iMacs are so sexy!

obviously, i'm a sucker of macs these days! LOVE IT!


i saw this and wanted to share ^

i feel so bad right now. i feel alone and terrible. my dad and i had a fight awhile ago. i really hate my uncle. can he just........duh! i'm very pissed. my dad's been acting weird this past few days. i saw something from his wallet last time. i know what's going on, but not really everything. but i have an idea.. i don't know why this is happening. i hope he'll get back to his witty and charming character. i am supposed to go out with my friends this coming friday but i had a change of heart. besides, i won't be able to go shopping today because my dad and i are having a misunderstanding. i saw my friends awhile ago walking together, i wonder why they did not bother to invite me. but it's okay. life is always full of surprises.

just unjust

i'm happy now. i went out with my friends last friday. it was really fun! i hope my college social life will get better soon! there's a possibility that our room will be shuffled with another rooms. if that ever happens, i really hope my blockmates will be my "type". i hope we can get together, just like my high school friends.

yesterday while browsing friendster, i learned that my former classmate on 5th grade immigrated in Toronto, ON. i was again jealous. damn it! why don't i have that chance???

maybe next time, i REALLY wish.

only a week left before my mom and sis will be back from the United States.

i gotta wake up early tomorrow so my dad will forgive me. he's been so patient with me and now i'm screwed. my bad habit is getting worst. this vacation, i slept at 3 am then woke up at around 11 am > with my dad bugging me <. i need to change NOW. tomorrow, i plan to fetch my dogs to send them to their doctor to have their vaccine and stuff. after that, or before that, go to my dentist to have my braces checked. i really want this to be removed! it's been soooooo long!


i had a terrible dream this morning. it was about something very personal. i have no idea why that kind of dream flashed on my mind. damn! it's unpleasant and very unrealistic. during my dream, i really thought it was true. sigh. i wish i will never have a dream as rowdy as that.

after my laptop was reformatted, it cannot download files via bitcomet anymore. it shows that something is blocking it, but i can't figure out what the heck is that. now, my laptop is okay with the connection with limewire unlike before. hahaha. they interchanged.

i'm still undecided if i'll go on Friday to meet my HS friends. i'd really love to, but there's something that is stopping me. also, it will start at 6 or 7PM. And only my dad can fetch me, so it'll be hard for him. God, please just show me a sign if i should or should not go.

contented, at least for now.

spotted @ midtown mall around 7PM.

i was always hanging out at RP few years ago. but lately, i just went to the malls near my house so i could get home without facing traffic, in short, to arrive home immediately. so today, we decided to go to RP to see the Macbook Air and the new Midtown Mall. Midtown is really nice. Many restaurants and shops. Since it's still new, it's tidy and organize. so after eating our dinner at Secret Recipe (I saw SR in Malaysia and i really like their Pumpkin Soup and I was surprised when I saw their branch here in Manila), we headed to Digital Hub to see the sexy Macbook Air. Voila! it was so cool. i tested it and i really love the multi-touch trackpad. it's awesome. it's thin but not light. actually, it's kinda heavy for me--3lbs. the screen is way better than those on Macbooks and Macbook Pros because it's brighter and sharper, thanks to the glossy screen. i really want to have one but still hesitating because of the lack of optical drive and only one usb port. damn, i'm so happy because I finally saw Macbook Air in actual. kinda shallow, huh? it's really eye catching. on top is a live pic...but taken at macworld. LOL :D


went to megamall today with my papa. got home at around 10:30PM. i opened my multiply (site) and saw my friend's pic that is really disgusting! well, it's not him, but it's so yuck! anyway, my hs friends are inviting me this coming friday for, i think, our reunion. i don't know if i'm gonna go, i mean i'd like to, but i have so many things to hide, my flaws. most of the time i just want to stay at home because i'm so embarrass about it. i hope on friday or soon it will miraculously disappear forever! fingers crossed. haha. anyway, i'm feeling okay now. just disgusted in what i just saw. damnit i should've not open that! bullsht! so grosssss! i'll be sleeping earliER these days so my pimple will vanish, hopefully. :) plus, i need to stay...dry. haha. good nite!

what's down?

i know nobody's perfect, but sometimes i think i'm too imperfect. i've got lots of things to hide because i'm embarrass. sometimes i can't join other people because i'm too scared it'll show again and maybe people behind my back will talk about it. all i ever wanted was to be happy, to join the crowd, and be myself all the time. there are some things about me that nobody knows. when they look at me most of them think that i'm happy, contented, and so on. but the truth of the matter is, i'm not. i spend most of my time in front of my computer or just alone. i can really relate myself to this song line "when i'm alone i feel so much better.." but sometimes, i just can't hide it. i really don't know what to do...

in a blink of an eye, anything unexpected could happen


today was an extraordinary day! i woke up around 9:30 am. i bathe for more than 30 minutes, ate my breakfast (noodles!) for 15 minutes, then went straight to Tagaytay. while on my way, i received a text message saying ___ had an accident and is now on the hospital. i got scared and felt very uneasy. so after T, i visited _ on the H. _'s now okay...but not so good. i hope _ gets better soon! God, please help _ to recover quickly.

and now, i'm in front of my laptop searching for Macbook Air again! i realized now i'm kinda obsessed with this Macbook Air thing. why am i searching for it every minute i could? i'm so addicted to it! i like it but i do not like to purchase it. kinda weird, because i don't think it's that practical. but the looks are so hot, simply irresistible! oh gosh i really need to join the lotto thing i might win big! and i'm gonna satisfy myself by buying an Air! woooooosh. i'm dreaming out loud.

i hope things will fall into places. i still miss someone, someone i don't really know. from the first time i saw him, i knew it, he's the one i've been longing for. i really hope this ain't one sided.

i just love summer vacation! no school! no more getting up early! oh yeah!!!

nothing special

lalely, my thoughts are always about someone. phew.
i really hope someone is feeling the same way.

anyway, i found out that Macbooks will have a major update later this year (Q3 i think). i'm waiting for it to come out. i really love Macbooks! especially the Air but it's not that flexible. the looks, perfect. the attitude, not that good because it comes with a heavy price. i'm lovin' apple's products. they have improved a lot!

while malling yesterday, i saw this shop Tango selling beautiful dresses. i'm gonna visit it soon when my sibling comes back.

i want a Macbook Air. _my purrfect gift_

oops, i also want this coach bag (picture on top)

so just a brief post, til here.


hot summer

i want to post some of the screencaps i got.

woah! what's that?? okay so here's my story today..

This summer vacation, i went to two countries in Southeast Asia. After a week, my mom and sis flew to the United States. Lately, I've been jaded so i looked for something i could do. Thank goodness my grades are okay.
I've been watching Smallville (again and again) this past few days and I'm addicted to it (again). After seeing Chloe using her computer and finding everything she wants, i really got intrigued. So I searched for Chloe's computer's operating system. Luckily, i found a site by WB who has a clone with Chloe's computer. I'm so happy I discovered it! It's like Smallville is a reality...yeah I'm getting dizzy. And just now, i found out that there's also a version for LuthorCorp. but i could not find the current password. Good thing there's a site that has screencaps of everything of LuthorCorp.'s site. It's so weird, everytime I'm doing something, I think of meteor rocks and stuffs. Smallville has gotten into my nerves! Anyhow, it's near 4am now and I'm still awake because of Smallville. Weird thing, the telephone just rang. GOSH! good nite:)

all or nothing

SAD. my aunt told my mom that only two members in our family can join their trip. so guess who are they? my mom and my sister. damn! i won't get a chance to see my relatives in Fl and i really want to see their school/university. mom said she'll just go with me next year, i really hope that would happen. anyway, i arrived home at 10pm because after school we went to a mall and a grocery store. i'm still looking for my Vegas nameplate, hope i'll find it soon. our maid before stole my two necklaces and my bracelet, hope that's all. but i'm still hoping i can get my necklace back because that's very precious to me. my dad bought me that necklace when i was in 4th or 5th grade. it has a sentimental value! ouch.. anyway, life must go on.
i'll probably spend my summer vacation here in Asia, but still hoping to go to US with my dad, or at least Europe. i'll be going to my friend's party this weekend, i hope it would be a right decision, i really want to be happy (with them). it's near 12am already, i gotta log off. school tomorrow. looking forward.

Asus EEE PC 4G review

just bought this oh so cute laptop last week.
it's pre-installed OS is Linux (i think it's customized by Asus) which is very user-friendly. it has 7 tabs (internet, work, play, learn, settings, favorites, and help) on the upper side so it is very easy to navigate. if you want to surf the net, just click the internet tab then web. it comes with a built-in Mozilla Firefox browser, Pidgin (messenger for yahoo, google talk, aim, msn, etc.), Skype, OpenOffice.Org (similar with MS Office), Dictionary, Webcam, Games, and so much more. if you want a notebook just for internet surfing, chat with your friends through IM, word, excel, and powerpoint (office) viewer and maker, play games, listen to music, watch movies/shows, and does not costs too much, well this Asus EEE PC is for you. it supports many formats such as DivX, WMV, etc. Screen--good (but not great) quality. Pictures taken from it's integrated 0.3 MP webcam are vivid though it has only low resolution (lower than VGA). It turns on and shuts down quickly unlike other laptops/PCs. you can also run Windows XP in Asus EEE PC but you'll need an external optical drive to install it because it does not have an integrated one. there's always a bad side in everything, Asus EEE PC has only a 4GB SSD, too little capacity. 512MB memory but upgradeable up to 2GB. so you should always have an SD/MMC card, USB flash drive, or an external hard drive for you to enjoy this laptop. good thing it has 3 USB ports, an SD/MMC card reader, an ethernet port, and a built-in WiFi. Asus said that EEE PC's battery can lasts up to 3.5 to 4 hours, but mine only lasted for 2.5 hours. i'm not yet sure maybe i can have my battery replaced. other reviews said their EEE PC works 3 to 3.5 hours.

overall, i rate this product 8.5/10

so near yet so far

to be honest, i think i'm a loner these past few days.

anyway, i'm gonna introduce myself.

i'm a Chinese girl, born and raised in the city of Manila, Philippines. I just turned 18 few months ago. I am the youngest and the naughtiest in my family. i'm a freshman student in the field of BA.

speaking of my college life, i'm not that friendly anymore. I'm frequently upset because of the people surrounding me. i don't know what i did to deserve having those people around me. My grades are fine. Out of my 8 courses, 6 are "safe". Well, need to study harder. This past few days, it seems so weird because when i'm expecting to pass a test (because i've reviewed), it's the other way around. But i'm not giving up, i need to pass all these courses because i might go to my paradise--US on March.

this might sound weird, but one of my inspirations is a place/country. i can still remember the first time i stepped on that place. it felt so surreal..until now. i've been there twice already and might go again this summer. but before that, i have a difficult choice to make. if i go to US, i would need to leave my life, my love, my everything, my d, and that's a very hard choice to make. it's like slicing me into two pieces..kidding. I really don't know what i should do. God please help me to choose the right decision.
this is their plan, first two weeks we will be in San Francisco--my muah! then for the next two weeks, we'll be visiting my relatives somewhere in Fl. so that means i will be away from my birth land for a month. will i survive traveling without my love?
very tough decision to make. SF is my favorite place in this world, and i want to see my aunt in Fl. i miss SF's famous clam chowder very much.
please help me Lord, i really need your support.

i'm a techy girl. i love gadgets a lot especially notebooks. well, my addictions change almost all of the time but i'm certainly in love with gadgets.

besides that, i'm also a music loverrr. my current playlist includes song by Secondhand Serenade, FM Static, Ne-Yo, Cute Is What We Aim For, Dashboard Confessional, The Click Five, Boys Like Girls, and The Higher. i'm into punk pop/rock music now a days.


2am - zZzZz..
11am - woke up but still lying on my bed
12pm - turned on my laptop
1pm - had my brunch while surfing the net
3pm - made our blog for our project
4pm - ate my pizza for snack
4:40pm - finding my Vegas nameplate.. can't see. huhu!!
9pm - ate my dinner (take out from Bodhi)
1:30am - zZzZz

i'm getting lazy writing these on my planner. so i'll just type it here then transfer to my planner
one day.