rain saved me

i really want to stay at home. to play with my dog, surf the net, and do my thing. fortunately , there was no classes today! so now, i'm feeling.. err... lost, i don't know what's the exact word but i don't feel contented. i knew this was coming and i thought i would not be affected, and how come i'm not feeling well? is this jealousy or what? anyway, there'll be another buyer who will send her payment tomorrow or on friday (when classes are going to be suspended tomorrow). a while ago, i put on make-up on my face because it makes me feel better when i'm down. haha. i can't find the connection though. maybe there's something between beauty and happiness! yeah right, whatever.

i want to lose weight but i'm always hungry. is there a problem with my stomach, my appetite, my s-h-t? haha kidding. i'm craving for yummy isn't it? hahahaha! but i gotta lose weight. i feel so fat right now. i used to wear medium shirts but now...large or extra large! yes, i gotta lose weight! hmph.