held a girl

11am: ON-TIME. no prof. what the??? i was not in the mood to talk, still irritated of what happened last night. friend talked to me about her saying she is a...lesbian.

11:30am: ate at Jolibee, we finished at around 12:30pm and went back to the class.room wasn't feeling well. my tummy hurts! wants to go home and go to my CR. chatted with fellas. she sat next to me. talking, holding my hand, and pulling my chair closer to her. still feeling kinda irritated and WEIRD.

1pm: my 1st class of the day. so we went to our proper sit and then the prof checked the attendance. i wanted to pee, when suddenly my phone kept on ringing. i knew it. she was the one so did not bother to look at my phone.

2pm: reporting. when it was my part, i felt someone was taking photo of me. i hated it because i knew she was one of the suspects.

4:30pm: texted her. explained why i felt irritated.

5:20pm: told her i want us to be okay again.

just now: she is answering fine. i think and hope we'll be okay again, as friends!