happy ending


today was the last day of our preliminary exam. it feels SO great to have a rest after a long, tiring week! hopefully, i will pass all my test. i feel better now because i met someone who's been good and true to me. But i'm still waiting for the best to come. i'm so happy 'cause i got the chance to watched Simple Plan live last August 4. i pity them because they're good but only few watched their concert. i'm still craving for Mac, yep, nothing has changed in that matter. i saw HSM3 poster and i must say, Vanessa Hudgens look a LOT better. I did not find her pretty before but now, i am speechless. It's a very good transformation. Her scandal made her more famous, which gave her more money, and now look what happened to her face. Haha. Anyways, i'm ending this by saying, i wish my wish would still come true, it's okay if it's not today, but please, someday.