it'll all get bettR in time..

this summer vacation i went to Singapore, Malaysia, HK, Macau, China, and locally, Tagaytay. it's been fun because i did what i wanted. the day before yesterday was my enrollment and i didn't feel really good about it. school's coming and i really wish that I WILL BE HAPPY, i know i will when the time comes. i'm listening to Leona Lewis' music nowadays and it's really great! i love her songs. she's a very good singer. i hope i could grab a copy of her album before school starts. this is my list. CD 1. Leona Lewis 2. Mariah Carey DVD 1. Hannah Montana 2. What I Like About You.

i've been kinda busy lately because i just came home from Macau on May 27. after two days was my enrollment. oh btw, school starts on June 10.

still longing for my paradise...

next time again!