it'll all get bettR in time..

this summer vacation i went to Singapore, Malaysia, HK, Macau, China, and locally, Tagaytay. it's been fun because i did what i wanted. the day before yesterday was my enrollment and i didn't feel really good about it. school's coming and i really wish that I WILL BE HAPPY, i know i will when the time comes. i'm listening to Leona Lewis' music nowadays and it's really great! i love her songs. she's a very good singer. i hope i could grab a copy of her album before school starts. this is my list. CD 1. Leona Lewis 2. Mariah Carey DVD 1. Hannah Montana 2. What I Like About You.

i've been kinda busy lately because i just came home from Macau on May 27. after two days was my enrollment. oh btw, school starts on June 10.

still longing for my paradise...

next time again!


rainy days...

it's been awhile since my last post. i've been "kinda" busy these days. yesterday me & my family went to Tagaytay to check our new house. it's nice and spacious. i'm very excited to have a vacation there with my loved ones (including my dogs!) yihee. so today i visited philmug's site and saw that someone (store owner, probably) is selling their older imacs but still brand new. the base model is now only for P50K--really tempting. but i need to know first how much are the new imacs now. if the difference is around P15k+ i think the older imac is more worth it because the only difference is the processor. older one has 2.0GHz while the new has 2.4GHz. does it have a big difference? is it really faster? i hope someone could answer that for me. i wish to know more about computers because i'm so into it. haha. i'm very confuse because i don't like to buy an old model but the price is very enticing. anyway, my relationship with my mom is getting better. we don't fight anymore or have arguments like before. i hope our relationship will always be like this or even better. my friend invited me again to hang out with them but not sure if i'm gonna join, probably not. i have a secret...i can't show anyone. haha. oh no, school is coming. i hate it. i will be busy everyday. finale of gossip girl will be next week and i'm so excited what will happen. i'm currently downloading the season finale of smallville. haha. tee hee. i'm in a good mood right now.


will i go?

should i go?

can i go?

those are the questions that is popping into my mind as of the momment.

5:30PM meet at my friend's house to go to my another friend's house to swim

i really don't know if i can make it.

i asked myself, "do i really want to go?"

there is a part of me that says YES confidently because they're my friends and i want to spend some time with them. on the other side of my brain says NO because it will be hard for my dad to send and pick me up. i really want all of us to be happy. and i just don't know what to do.

if i miss this chance, i don't know if i can go out with them again. as i've said, my blockmates weren't as good as my classmates back in high school. i don't like to be a loner. i want to have some fun with my friends now that i have them.

i'm really confused. it's like everything is on wrong timing. anyway, i know God will make a way. He surely knows best.

only time can tell what will happen later on.