i will forever live in my dreams...

i'm again jealous of other people.

i'm trapped!!!!!!!!!

happy halloween.


i am still wondering.

so fast..............................school is near.................................hope i will meet GOOD people.

no one understands how i feel.

i want to spend my life the way i want it to be.

time is running, and i can't cope with it.

dreaming out loud, baby!

but i'm not the only one not contented, even these happy-ever-after disney characters are not.



Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

two words. LOVE IT! it is truly lasting. it doesn't smudge that much...only a little. i bought it for like $7 (not sure, i forgot!). compared to my previous eyeliner, which was Maybelline Pencil Eyeliner, i would say this is much better! i did not felt any irritations at all. i wore it for like 12 hours and it was still okay. i highly recommend this product. it is very easy to use. it also comes with a sharpener! cute :)

for more info about this product


for my Asus EEE PC (8 months old)

there is something wrong with the left click of my eee pc... i need to press very hard...PUSH! yes. it's awkward and annoying. now, i am having problems with it.

we spend our days in our house in Tagaytay again and now we're back here and we can feel the "hotness". i want to live in a place cooler, safer, richer, better than where i am right now. PUHLeez..

we ate the following on our dinner:
1. steamed fish fillet
2. suahe (steamed shrimp)
3. garlic spinach
4. beef brisket
5. fish lip soup
yeaaaah chinese food is good! :) few more happy days left...i am so not ready going back to school. just thinking of it makes me wanna cry... but...nothing. i can't control the precious time. my mom and sis will be going to Cebu tomorrow. please guide us all. when the holiday's over...no i don't want to think about it.

i watched HSM3 and i rate it 8/10. i feel that Ashley's role was not enough. i expected more of her on the last movie, eh. anyway, it's a good film. i love the song "can i have this dance" and "right here, right now".

so yeah, good night everyone...

so what?!

bring me to Toronto and i will be happy; i shall not want anything more.

if only.

Oct. 21st, Yannie (my mini dachshund) gave birth to 4 puppies. unfortunately, the 2 did not live (1 of them was a very beautiful girl). but i still feel blessed because Yannie is safe and the 2 boys are in good condition.

tomorrow is our enrollment... school is fast approaching:[ i will just leave everything to God. please guide us, to choose the right thing. please guide me in everything... I'm very anxious.

2 and a half years more of hardwork and i will finally be FREE! aim for the best... i should get an average of atlease 1.4 next semester to become a dean's lister! my average on the first is 2.0 (including PE & NSTP), without it, it is 2.06+. i really want to make everyone proud. i will do this. i can do this!

so my family and i spend 2 nights in our house in Tagaytay. we ate at Josephine; i really love their Kilawin na Tangigue to the max! But Sangkalan's is very good too.

this break i think i gain weight :[ i'm so chubby but i love eating, what can i do?

EXERCISE, yes it is! starting tomorrow ima jog with my dog, Panky.

i'm currently downloading Gossip Girl and it's taking so long because of some reasons. i can't wait to watch it. LOL.

so last Oct. 15-18, dad and i went to HK to do some shopping and lots of eating! it was very very tiring. it was fun and i saw the Asus S101 in actual too. i must say i still prefer Acer's Aspire One because of its crystal clear LCD. bought some clothes from Bossini and ate lots of fish shao mai at 7/11! it was GOOD..... 'm gonna miss it!

so that's all i wanted to say for now.
pray for me and everybody.


at loooooong last!

it's finally over. it's officially our break.

so now i can do the things i want carefree!

so while surfing the net yesterday, this new Asus ultra-slim S101 eee pc laptop caught my attention. it looks good! not as good-looking as Air, but it's cute too. it also has multi-recognition/touch trackpad! it has 10.2" screen. the price for 16GB Windows and 32GB Linux will be $699, then 64GB linux is $799. also has 30GB online storage.

it looks so sweet but a little costly.


i hate to admit it, but i miss someone. i hated her for what she said, but now, suddenly it's all gone. i'm lost because i don't know how can i talk to her just like before. she approached me several times and i turned my back. i was so angry because she did said something that really hurt my feelings. so this is our part 2. but can you blame me? she was jealous and selfish.

bright side..
awhile ago at 7/11, i saw the new T3 mag. it's awesome! it featured rock band and guitar hero! yes, the 2 best material things in the world at this moment. i will grab a copy tomorrow!! on monday, our finals will be accounting and math. what a perfecct combination!! [sarcastic.] so, i really need to focus, study, and do my best...BEST! one more week of hardwork, then sembreak!!! so better do my best to achieve great results.

so that's it for now.



okay i am so frustrated! i hate my rc prof so much! she's a pain in the ass! damnit! because of her, i now hate our national hero. and he doesn't deserve to be called "national hero" after all he did was just writing shit. he did nothing tangible to fight for our country and he doesn't want our country to have independence.

okay so much for that. today was supposed to be a free day because it is a holiday but because of the fatasscurlyhairstupidwoman, my day was just gone. i really hate her. her subject's not important but she is giving us so much headache.

i just want to let out my feelings! i'm so hot-headed right now! i just want her to be gone!!!!!!!!!