so what?!

bring me to Toronto and i will be happy; i shall not want anything more.

if only.

Oct. 21st, Yannie (my mini dachshund) gave birth to 4 puppies. unfortunately, the 2 did not live (1 of them was a very beautiful girl). but i still feel blessed because Yannie is safe and the 2 boys are in good condition.

tomorrow is our enrollment... school is fast approaching:[ i will just leave everything to God. please guide us, to choose the right thing. please guide me in everything... I'm very anxious.

2 and a half years more of hardwork and i will finally be FREE! aim for the best... i should get an average of atlease 1.4 next semester to become a dean's lister! my average on the first is 2.0 (including PE & NSTP), without it, it is 2.06+. i really want to make everyone proud. i will do this. i can do this!

so my family and i spend 2 nights in our house in Tagaytay. we ate at Josephine; i really love their Kilawin na Tangigue to the max! But Sangkalan's is very good too.

this break i think i gain weight :[ i'm so chubby but i love eating, what can i do?

EXERCISE, yes it is! starting tomorrow ima jog with my dog, Panky.

i'm currently downloading Gossip Girl and it's taking so long because of some reasons. i can't wait to watch it. LOL.

so last Oct. 15-18, dad and i went to HK to do some shopping and lots of eating! it was very very tiring. it was fun and i saw the Asus S101 in actual too. i must say i still prefer Acer's Aspire One because of its crystal clear LCD. bought some clothes from Bossini and ate lots of fish shao mai at 7/11! it was GOOD..... 'm gonna miss it!

so that's all i wanted to say for now.
pray for me and everybody.