Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

two words. LOVE IT! it is truly lasting. it doesn't smudge that much...only a little. i bought it for like $7 (not sure, i forgot!). compared to my previous eyeliner, which was Maybelline Pencil Eyeliner, i would say this is much better! i did not felt any irritations at all. i wore it for like 12 hours and it was still okay. i highly recommend this product. it is very easy to use. it also comes with a sharpener! cute :)

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for my Asus EEE PC (8 months old)

there is something wrong with the left click of my eee pc... i need to press very hard...PUSH! yes. it's awkward and annoying. now, i am having problems with it.

we spend our days in our house in Tagaytay again and now we're back here and we can feel the "hotness". i want to live in a place cooler, safer, richer, better than where i am right now. PUHLeez..

we ate the following on our dinner:
1. steamed fish fillet
2. suahe (steamed shrimp)
3. garlic spinach
4. beef brisket
5. fish lip soup
yeaaaah chinese food is good! :) few more happy days left...i am so not ready going back to school. just thinking of it makes me wanna cry... but...nothing. i can't control the precious time. my mom and sis will be going to Cebu tomorrow. please guide us all. when the holiday's i don't want to think about it.

i watched HSM3 and i rate it 8/10. i feel that Ashley's role was not enough. i expected more of her on the last movie, eh. anyway, it's a good film. i love the song "can i have this dance" and "right here, right now".

so yeah, good night everyone...