i hate to admit it, but i miss someone. i hated her for what she said, but now, suddenly it's all gone. i'm lost because i don't know how can i talk to her just like before. she approached me several times and i turned my back. i was so angry because she did said something that really hurt my feelings. so this is our part 2. but can you blame me? she was jealous and selfish.

bright side..
awhile ago at 7/11, i saw the new T3 mag. it's awesome! it featured rock band and guitar hero! yes, the 2 best material things in the world at this moment. i will grab a copy tomorrow!! on monday, our finals will be accounting and math. what a perfecct combination!! [sarcastic.] so, i really need to focus, study, and do my best...BEST! one more week of hardwork, then sembreak!!! so better do my best to achieve great results.

so that's it for now.