will i go?

should i go?

can i go?

those are the questions that is popping into my mind as of the momment.

5:30PM meet at my friend's house to go to my another friend's house to swim

i really don't know if i can make it.

i asked myself, "do i really want to go?"

there is a part of me that says YES confidently because they're my friends and i want to spend some time with them. on the other side of my brain says NO because it will be hard for my dad to send and pick me up. i really want all of us to be happy. and i just don't know what to do.

if i miss this chance, i don't know if i can go out with them again. as i've said, my blockmates weren't as good as my classmates back in high school. i don't like to be a loner. i want to have some fun with my friends now that i have them.

i'm really confused. it's like everything is on wrong timing. anyway, i know God will make a way. He surely knows best.

only time can tell what will happen later on.