all or nothing

SAD. my aunt told my mom that only two members in our family can join their trip. so guess who are they? my mom and my sister. damn! i won't get a chance to see my relatives in Fl and i really want to see their school/university. mom said she'll just go with me next year, i really hope that would happen. anyway, i arrived home at 10pm because after school we went to a mall and a grocery store. i'm still looking for my Vegas nameplate, hope i'll find it soon. our maid before stole my two necklaces and my bracelet, hope that's all. but i'm still hoping i can get my necklace back because that's very precious to me. my dad bought me that necklace when i was in 4th or 5th grade. it has a sentimental value! ouch.. anyway, life must go on.
i'll probably spend my summer vacation here in Asia, but still hoping to go to US with my dad, or at least Europe. i'll be going to my friend's party this weekend, i hope it would be a right decision, i really want to be happy (with them). it's near 12am already, i gotta log off. school tomorrow. looking forward.