so near yet so far

to be honest, i think i'm a loner these past few days.

anyway, i'm gonna introduce myself.

i'm a Chinese girl, born and raised in the city of Manila, Philippines. I just turned 18 few months ago. I am the youngest and the naughtiest in my family. i'm a freshman student in the field of BA.

speaking of my college life, i'm not that friendly anymore. I'm frequently upset because of the people surrounding me. i don't know what i did to deserve having those people around me. My grades are fine. Out of my 8 courses, 6 are "safe". Well, need to study harder. This past few days, it seems so weird because when i'm expecting to pass a test (because i've reviewed), it's the other way around. But i'm not giving up, i need to pass all these courses because i might go to my paradise--US on March.

this might sound weird, but one of my inspirations is a place/country. i can still remember the first time i stepped on that place. it felt so surreal..until now. i've been there twice already and might go again this summer. but before that, i have a difficult choice to make. if i go to US, i would need to leave my life, my love, my everything, my d, and that's a very hard choice to make. it's like slicing me into two pieces..kidding. I really don't know what i should do. God please help me to choose the right decision.
this is their plan, first two weeks we will be in San Francisco--my muah! then for the next two weeks, we'll be visiting my relatives somewhere in Fl. so that means i will be away from my birth land for a month. will i survive traveling without my love?
very tough decision to make. SF is my favorite place in this world, and i want to see my aunt in Fl. i miss SF's famous clam chowder very much.
please help me Lord, i really need your support.

i'm a techy girl. i love gadgets a lot especially notebooks. well, my addictions change almost all of the time but i'm certainly in love with gadgets.

besides that, i'm also a music loverrr. my current playlist includes song by Secondhand Serenade, FM Static, Ne-Yo, Cute Is What We Aim For, Dashboard Confessional, The Click Five, Boys Like Girls, and The Higher. i'm into punk pop/rock music now a days.


2am - zZzZz..
11am - woke up but still lying on my bed
12pm - turned on my laptop
1pm - had my brunch while surfing the net
3pm - made our blog for our project
4pm - ate my pizza for snack
4:40pm - finding my Vegas nameplate.. can't see. huhu!!
9pm - ate my dinner (take out from Bodhi)
1:30am - zZzZz

i'm getting lazy writing these on my planner. so i'll just type it here then transfer to my planner
one day.