hot summer

i want to post some of the screencaps i got.

woah! what's that?? okay so here's my story today..

This summer vacation, i went to two countries in Southeast Asia. After a week, my mom and sis flew to the United States. Lately, I've been jaded so i looked for something i could do. Thank goodness my grades are okay.
I've been watching Smallville (again and again) this past few days and I'm addicted to it (again). After seeing Chloe using her computer and finding everything she wants, i really got intrigued. So I searched for Chloe's computer's operating system. Luckily, i found a site by WB who has a clone with Chloe's computer. I'm so happy I discovered it! It's like Smallville is a reality...yeah I'm getting dizzy. And just now, i found out that there's also a version for LuthorCorp. but i could not find the current password. Good thing there's a site that has screencaps of everything of LuthorCorp.'s site. It's so weird, everytime I'm doing something, I think of meteor rocks and stuffs. Smallville has gotten into my nerves! Anyhow, it's near 4am now and I'm still awake because of Smallville. Weird thing, the telephone just rang. GOSH! good nite:)