i had a terrible dream this morning. it was about something very personal. i have no idea why that kind of dream flashed on my mind. damn! it's unpleasant and very unrealistic. during my dream, i really thought it was true. sigh. i wish i will never have a dream as rowdy as that.

after my laptop was reformatted, it cannot download files via bitcomet anymore. it shows that something is blocking it, but i can't figure out what the heck is that. now, my laptop is okay with the connection with limewire unlike before. hahaha. they interchanged.

i'm still undecided if i'll go on Friday to meet my HS friends. i'd really love to, but there's something that is stopping me. also, it will start at 6 or 7PM. And only my dad can fetch me, so it'll be hard for him. God, please just show me a sign if i should or should not go.