contented, at least for now.

spotted @ midtown mall around 7PM.

i was always hanging out at RP few years ago. but lately, i just went to the malls near my house so i could get home without facing traffic, in short, to arrive home immediately. so today, we decided to go to RP to see the Macbook Air and the new Midtown Mall. Midtown is really nice. Many restaurants and shops. Since it's still new, it's tidy and organize. so after eating our dinner at Secret Recipe (I saw SR in Malaysia and i really like their Pumpkin Soup and I was surprised when I saw their branch here in Manila), we headed to Digital Hub to see the sexy Macbook Air. Voila! it was so cool. i tested it and i really love the multi-touch trackpad. it's awesome. it's thin but not light. actually, it's kinda heavy for me--3lbs. the screen is way better than those on Macbooks and Macbook Pros because it's brighter and sharper, thanks to the glossy screen. i really want to have one but still hesitating because of the lack of optical drive and only one usb port. damn, i'm so happy because I finally saw Macbook Air in actual. kinda shallow, huh? it's really eye catching. on top is a live pic...but taken at macworld. LOL :D