in a blink of an eye, anything unexpected could happen


today was an extraordinary day! i woke up around 9:30 am. i bathe for more than 30 minutes, ate my breakfast (noodles!) for 15 minutes, then went straight to Tagaytay. while on my way, i received a text message saying ___ had an accident and is now on the hospital. i got scared and felt very uneasy. so after T, i visited _ on the H. _'s now okay...but not so good. i hope _ gets better soon! God, please help _ to recover quickly.

and now, i'm in front of my laptop searching for Macbook Air again! i realized now i'm kinda obsessed with this Macbook Air thing. why am i searching for it every minute i could? i'm so addicted to it! i like it but i do not like to purchase it. kinda weird, because i don't think it's that practical. but the looks are so hot, simply irresistible! oh gosh i really need to join the lotto thing i might win big! and i'm gonna satisfy myself by buying an Air! woooooosh. i'm dreaming out loud.

i hope things will fall into places. i still miss someone, someone i don't really know. from the first time i saw him, i knew it, he's the one i've been longing for. i really hope this ain't one sided.

i just love summer vacation! no school! no more getting up early! oh yeah!!!