went to megamall today with my papa. got home at around 10:30PM. i opened my multiply (site) and saw my friend's pic that is really disgusting! well, it's not him, but it's so yuck! anyway, my hs friends are inviting me this coming friday for, i think, our reunion. i don't know if i'm gonna go, i mean i'd like to, but i have so many things to hide, my flaws. most of the time i just want to stay at home because i'm so embarrass about it. i hope on friday or soon it will miraculously disappear forever! fingers crossed. haha. anyway, i'm feeling okay now. just disgusted in what i just saw. damnit i should've not open that! bullsht! so grosssss! i'll be sleeping earliER these days so my pimple will vanish, hopefully. :) plus, i need to stay...dry. haha. good nite!