hello November!

tomorrow is the day i have been WAITING for. REALLY. i am so looking forward to it!

hahaha. i know, i can't escape from it. so i will just take a deep BREATH. haaaah.

one month then it'll be December. yay! Christmas is coming! and my birthday as well. i will be 19...

am i still young? YES, absolutely. i'm a kid at heart!!!

i am silly......... i am nobody......... i just want my "life in school" to fast-forward.

i hope i could have this on my day..............

that would really make my DAY!

but is that even possible? well, who knows, right? FINGERS CROSSED!

so i really want to go to US next year. my visa will be expired on MARCH 2010 so i really NEED to go next summer... i hope my next visa will be 10 YEARS! oh pleeezzzzz!

i am a big fan of Apple nowadays. i want to have Macbook and iPhone... if not iPhone then, iPod touch will also be appreciated.

i am planning to get the new Nintendo DSi which will be released early next year (i think). i am so excited for 2009! McCain or Obama? Haha. i can see those names everywhere (on the net)! honestly, i wanted Clinton.

also, i still want Guitar Hero: World Tour................... i have tons and tons and tons of............wish.

so, how did i celebrate Halloween?

i just stayed at home surfing the net, eat, and did some grocery. HOW COOL IS THAT?

that's why i want to...........live SOMEWHERE. but nobody agrees. no_BODY!

i hope i will have a GREAT time tomorrow. think POSITIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! +++++++++++

so what do i do when i have nothing to do? play Deal or No Deal on my phone!!! i've won 250,000 Pounds a lot of times already. unfortunately, it's for the eyes only.

other games i'm addicted to: Pyramid Bloxx, Tower Bloxx, City Bloxx (BLOXX!!), Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy (too bad i'm stuck), Sonic Jump and Guitar Hero III. all on my phone.

'til next time.