Dear You

i really want to be with you, but i'm worried. i just want things to be normal. you're someone i treasure and it's a disgrace i can't show you how i really feel. you did your part, and i did nothing but to broke our hearts. i know we're both hurt. i'm just pretending i'm not affected, but the truth is, i'm just fighting my tears. i love you as a friend, i trust you, and i don't like to lose you. it seems like i'm pushing you away. i don't know why i can't express how i really feel. i've never met anyone like you, that cares for me so much...i know you will protect me as long as you can. i may never do the same thing for you but i will try my best to be a best friend to you too. sorry for all things i've done. i really, really want us to be okay... but something's bothering me. i'm so sorry, i'm not brave enough. my heart feels like falling right now........ i love you friend. i hope we will be okay.

i wanted to be alone, and now i want us to be together.

Mr. Oh-bah-mah!!!!!!!