E.L.F. haul & review

After 5 long months, I'm back! This time I'm going to show you my make-up collection. I won't blog about my emotions anymore. I think I should blog about make-up. My favorite make-up brand this week is E.L.F.! To be honest, I used to hate this brand for no reason! Weird, huh? Most E.L.F. products cost $1 each, but here in Philippines it's P129.75 each. It sucks 'cause the price is almost thrice as much. But the price did not stop me from buying E.L.F. Ha Ha! This is my E.L.F. haul as of today. My first E.L.F. was the Butternut Brightening Eyeshadow Quad. Even though I have a sensitive skin, this did not irritate my skin at all. I love their products except for the Mechanical Eyelash Curler, it's so-so. Compared to Shu Eumura, this is less "safe" because it can pull your lashes if you're not careful enough. But it does curl your lashes. The All Over Color Stick in Lilac Pearl has a very light color so I don't recommend it if you'll use it for lips or blush. It's good as an eyeshadow base. I thought the color is like light purple but it's almost transparent with shimmer. Since I don't like heavy colors, this shade fits me. My next target is Pink Lemonade! Yay! The All over Cover Stick is very nice. It is creamy and it covers my undereye dark circles. The eyeshadow brush is soft and dense. I haven't tried Silver Lining yet but the color looks really nice. I use Butternut for my everyday neutral look and I like it. The 2 lightest shades will show if you apply an eyeshadow base first. The other 2 colors are very pigmented.

I think E.L.F. products are really good. I read many positive reviews about their lip products too so I might try them soon! I hope you guys like my review.